All classes begin at 5:00PM sharp and end at 9:00PM unless otherwise noted.

All classes must maintain a minimum of 6 participants or they will be subject to cancellation.
Some classes are subject to a maximum number of participants, so please register early.
To register for a class call 319-365-9519
Please continue to monitor this website, as we may be adding or subtracting classes to accommodate members and contractors.

Class Descriptions:
  1. Acoustical Ceilings: This class covers basic print reading, job planning, layout, and installation of exposed grid ceilings. It is designed to give students an entry level understanding of ceiling grid systems. There is no certification or expiration associated with this class.
  2. Aerial Lift: This class offers classroom instruction and hands on driving techniques. Following OSHA regulations and ANSI standards, the student will develop the skills necessary to safely operate "Self-Propelled Elevating Work Platforms" and "Boom-Supported Elevating Work Platforms". This is a certification class, currently there is no expiration on this certification.
  3. Allegion Door Hardware Certification: Prerequisite- The Commercial Door Hardware class is required prior to the Allegion Door Hardware Certification. It is also recommended that attendees have a good working knowledge of door hardware installation and field experience with installation. This is a 24-hour certification (test) required to meet the Allegion Architectural Hardware Division's requirements for hardware installation. This certification lasts 4 years, after which a refresher test is required.
  4. Construction Fall Protection: This course is designed to help workers recognize working conditions that may lead to falls and understand the methods available to prevent falls. This too is a certification class with no expiration date.
  5. Construction Master Pro Calculator: This workshop teaches members how to use a calculator to handle practically any problem involving measurements and can be used to save time, prevent errors, and accurately perform common building projects such as: estimating concrete volume, squaring up foundations, framing roofs, ordering lumber, and many other projects.
  6. Commercial Door Hardware: This class is a prerequisite to the Allegion Door Hardware Certification. The class is designed to teach an inexperienced hardware person the basics of hanging hardware. From drilling and tapping holes to adjusting closer arms, this class will help prepare the person who hasn't had much hardware installation experience to take the Allegion Door Hardware Certification Test. This is strictly a familiarization class with no certification.
  7. First Aid/CPR/AED: The course material used is prepared by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS). Each member will receive, upon completion, a certification from the Emergency Care & Safety Institute (ECSI), valid for 2 years. There are no refresher classes for these certifications.
  8. Hazcom & Chemical Safety: This workshop covers training requirements of OSHA's updated HazCom standard, 1910.1200, except those requirements dealing with the employer's job specific chemical hazard information. Participants will learn to read GHS-compliant chemical labels and SDS's and to recognize chemical hazards on the job.
  9. ICRA (Best Practices in Healthcare Construction): A major issue in hospitals today is secondary infections that are contracted during hospital stays. This result is approximately 99, 000 deaths per year. A concern is the increase in infections because of cross contamination from hospital remodels. Removing ceilings, walls, flooring, etc. releases germs, mold, or anything else that is trapped behind ceilings, walls, and under floors. If not handled properly these infectious agents are transferred through HVAC systems, drafts, tracking on the feet, etc. to other parts of the hospital where patients compromised immune systems are very susceptible to secondary infections. As a result, hospitals are now looking for contractors and workers who have been trained to handle these situations during construction. This 24-hour course is designed to teach participants proper ways to contain the construction work area. Each participant, upon completion, will receive a 4-year certification with the refresher class required afterwards.
  10. OSHA-30: This 30-hour course is designed for supervisors with safety requirements for the jobsite. It is a more in depth look at the OSHA standards. OSHA-10 is not a prerequisite to this class and the first 10 hours of the class does not qualify personnel for a OSHA-10 certification. OSHA-10 classes may be available upon request. The OSHA-30 certification does not have an expiration now and supersedes the OSHA-10 requirements.
  11. Powered Industrial Truck Operator: This training is a combination of classroom instruction, practical hands-on training, and evaluation of the operator's performance. You will be under the supervision of instructors who have the knowledge, training and experience to train operators and evaluate their competence. The certification lasts 4 years and the entire class is required to update this certification.
  12. Rigging & Signaling: This workshop addresses safety regulations and rigging practices related to rigging, rigging hardware, and safe rigging practices. Hands-on inspections and rigging projects are emphasized in this workshop. This workshop exceeds the requirements of OSHA Subpart CC, ANSI A10.42.2000 "Qualified Rigger" and ANSI B30. Upon completion/passing of this class, students will receive a nationally recognized certification. This certification lasts for 4 years and a refresher class is required to renew the certification.
  13. Scaffold 40 Hour: This 40-hour workshop was developed in partnership with OSHA and the DOE. This program addresses OSHA safety regulations for scaffolds, scaffolding introduction, and the specific procedures for erecting Frame Scaffolds, Mobile Tower Scaffolds, Tube & Coupler Scaffolds, and Systems Scaffolds. Completion of this course will get the participant both a Scaffold Erector certification and a Scaffold User certification. These certifications last 4 years and a refresher class is required to renew the certifications.
  14. Scaffold 40 Hour Refresher: This class is required to renew Scaffold Certifications less than 5 years old. This class will be held during the first 2 days of the standard Scaffold 40 Hour class.
  15. Solid Surface Installer: This class meets the original manufactured requirements for the Solid Surface Installation Certificating. The added information will include fabrication techniques such as: Back Splash Fabrication including the Cove BS and Inlay techniques. This certification lasts 4 years.
  16. Total Station: This workshop covers the use of Total Stations and equipment for their application to field layout. The transfer of data from field drawings and CAD programs to the Total Station in the field for layout tasks. Classroom training combined with hands-on training with the Total Station equipment will provide the skills necessary to operate this equipment in the field. Basic computer skills are required. There is no certification for this class.