All classes begin at 5:00PM sharp and end at 9:00PM unless otherwise noted.

All classes must maintain a minimum of 6 participants or they will be subject to cancellation.
Some classes are subject to a maximum number of participants, so please register early.
To register for a class call: 319-363-0279 or 319-365-9519
Please continue to monitor this website, as we may be adding or subtracting classes to accommodate members and contractors.

Course Descriptions:

Scaffold-40 Hour- Developed in partnership with OSHA and the DOE, this program addresses OSHA safety regulations for scaffolds, scaffolding introduction, and the specific procedures for erecting Frame Scaffolds, Mobile Tower Scaffolds, Tube & Coupler Scaffolds, and Systems Scaffolds. Scaffold certifications expire after four years with a one year grace period. During the grace period, members may take the regulations portion of the scaffold class, as the refresher, to extend their certification another four years.

First Aid/CPR/AED- This 12 hour course will certify members through the Emergency Care & Safety Institute. All three certifications are good for two years with no grace period.

OSHA-10-This ten hour course is designed to ensure members know about workplace hazards and worker’s rights. At this time, certifications do not expire.

OSHA-30-This thirty hour course is designed for supervisors with safety requirements for the jobsite. It is a more in depth look at OSHA standards. At this time certifications do not expire. (OSHA-10 does not replace the first ten hours of this class.)

Rigging & Signaling- A forty hour class designed to equip members with a working knowledge of proper rigging, signaling, lifting and loading techniques. Upon completion/passing of this class, students will receive a nationally recognized certification.

Doors II- is designed to give members a good working knowledge of commercial door hardware. This class is a prerequisite to Doors III.

Door Hardware Certification (Doors III)- The curriculum and testing required to meet Ingersoll-Rand Architectural Hardware Division requirement for hardware installation. This is a twenty-four hour certification only, lasting four years with a one year grace period. During the grace period, the hardware refresher class may be taken to extend certifications another four years.
Construction Fall Protection- An eight hour class designed to increase workers awareness of fall hazards on the jobsite and how to protect themselves from falls. At this time there is no expiration on certifications.

Total Station - A 24 hour class designed to give members a working knowledge of the Nikon Total Station. This class is not designed for certification purposes.

ICRA - Infectious Control Risk Assessments class, also known as "Best Practices in Health-Care Construction in Occupied Facilities" is a 24 hour class designed to enhance awareness of hazards associated with secondary infections in construction of health care and food processing facilities.